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SweetKick Limited Seychelles is appointed as the official business advisor for Eastern Europe, Europe, South America and USA related to the webcam activity. is operated in an open and honest fashion as a club for the benefit of the members. The success of the Site and in turn of its advertisers is dependent on the authenticity of those that advertise on. All members are expected to operate in an open and proper manner.
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By SKL Team 26 May, 2016
We're not quite sure what's been happening in Albania but since the beginning of April, the number of models being swapped around on profiles has reached an unacceptable level. Most accounts where this has been witnessed have been deactivated.

One profile per person and that person is the only person who is allowed to appear on cam.

We posted this message because we now require all Albanians (or performers in Albania) to ensure the following:

- All profiles must have at least one profile picture
- One of your profile pictures must show the face

We would like to point out that we do not enjoy making up these crazy rules. The need to do so comes as a result of the behavior of your country-folk. If everyone would just follow the rules it would be so much simpler for all of us.

If you are an Albanian member, please now visit your Edit Profile Page and ensure your profile pictures meet these new requirements.

We have deliberately not included any links in this post due to the number of fake emails and phishing sites appearing online.It's  known how to access the Site. Please do so ASAP.
By SKL Team 03 May, 2016
Unfortunately the majority of members from Colombia and other South American countries have failed to take the opportunity to be 'open and honest' with and the rest of the Membership. An unacceptable level of the following activities is now being experienced on a daily basis:

- providing fake or forged ID
- creating fake/duplicate accounts
- falsifying their location via VPNs, proxies etc.
- abusing the DirectCam Tips system
- swapping models between profiles
- allowing underage members
- encouraging people to pay via PayPal for Skype shows.
- providing accounts to members in other countries, e.g. Romania
- pretending to be TV/TS
- performing with animals

Despite years of warnings and enforcement, hosts and studio managers continue to abuse the Site and its membership.

So now, and whilst all members are entitled to a review of the situation, until the majority of group/studio managers and members of South American nationalities can conform to the Terms of Use, enrolment in our Business Advisor's Support Programme is mandatory.

To reiterate, any member registering in, from or with a nationality of a South American Country (e.g. Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela) needs to enrol in the support program offered by our Business Advisor for Eastern Europe that they call "ActFair". (A list of business advisors can be viewed here: )

Any requirements for joining are enforced at the discretion of the Business Advisor who's decision is final and non-negotiable.

If you wish to offer services on please contact our Business Advisor for Eastern Europe and enrol in the premium support program they offer, (which does attract a fee).
By SKL Team 28 Apr, 2016
The fact that you wish to join a website without reading the terms first as well as the warnings posted to help the members is not our Site’s problem, it is only yours.

The Site warned all members to ignore messages coming from a different domain than, you should have read it before registering:   Phishing - Emails, SMS & Skype

We remind you that you’re solely responsible to maintain the login details secure.

If you don’t have the access anymore to your account, the only way is to open a new one.
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